Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thank you for Preventing a Disaster

Dear Dr. Kumaresh,

Me and my family whole heartedly thank you for preventing a medical disaster and saving my mother. This has reference to your timely diagnosis and ordering investigation on December 26, 2014 and recommendation for getting an MRI done for a suspected malignant growth in my 80 year old mother's left tonsils. 
We had seen another specialist who had referred my mother. You felt her neck and said it does not look normal. As it is a practice in my family to visit specialist doctors for serious medical ailment and trust them fully, we did not have second thoughts when you suggested us to go for the MRI. Once you saw the MRI, you recommended us to go for the biopsy. Thank god, we went with your recommendation. You have successfully operated on her. As you had suspected, the biopsy result was positive for cancer.

My mother is now starting her treatment and it is learnt that we have started the treatment at the initial stages and therefore she should be out of danger. Thanks once again for your guidance and support during this journey. 
I hope more patients will act immediately when experts like you recommend further medical investigations and treatments.

Thanks once gain.
-- VP


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